No Stairway

by glassine

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This album is comprised solely of manipulated field recordings that were taken from inside of Guitar Center. It was completed about a year ago.

this is a cassette/digital release...the cassettes sold out, though.

instagram: @glassineasleep


released August 7, 2015

"some post-vaporwave produced faux melodic ambiance that’s all at once subconscious music and next-level field recording. And the esoterica and nostalgic level of listening here is completely outta-whack when paired with the idea that NONE of these samples are realmed in the same genre or created (potentially) by the same person."
(Tiny Mix Tapes)

"If you've ever closed your eyes in a room full of family and friends, letting the chatter blur so that you sense the surrounding goodwill more than you pick out the words, then No Stairway will have an uncannily familiar feel."
(Pitchfork, 7.2)

"No Stairway lets you sit back and pick out recognizable moments from the faded slow motion swirl as if you’re looking for shapes in the clouds."
(FACT, #19 Best Bandcamp Releases of 2015)

"Greenwald’s music favors woozy loops and dreamlike soundscapes.."
(Washington Post)
(interview for eyes)
(interview for ears)

"It’s gauzy, crystalline night music, a more upbeat version of the same sleep state that Liz Harris, Stars of the Lid, Basinski, and occasionally Aphex Twin capture."
(Splice Today)

"No Stairway is a rich, nuanced release that transcends typical field recordings in Glassine’s astounding ear for melody and attention to detail."

"There is a wilted beauty to these decontextualized sounds, a wonder in the process of creating the track, a mystery - and that’s what it is all about, isn’t it? "
(Guide Me Little Tape)

Danny Greenwald made all of No Stairway.



all rights reserved


glassine Baltimore, Maryland

Danny Greenwald is Glassine.

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